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is europe’s foremost cultural magazine, est. 1988 by and run as editor-in-chief frank berberich, in Berlin, as the german language issue of an initiative by a Chzeck intellectual. all others have long stalled and. LI is the only publication (quarterly) on the continent that publishes robust photography respectfully in the environment that it merits — literature, art, philosophy, history, theatre, reportage and, above all essays on what matters in politics, science etc.

it is symptomatic that they did not list Farshid’s work under ‘photography’ but that he is listed as an author, hence his works is seen as a contribution that is more than an illustration. the extensive caption on the lefthand page of the first spread acknowledges his studies in psychology and that his imagery is aimed at conveying the socio-psychological aspects of iran’s post-revolutions generation. photography therefor treated as language.

Photos and Words by:

Daniel Schwartz

For nine years, photographer Farshid Tighehsaz has been earning a living as a taxi driver to carry out a project on the generation born after the 1979 revolution in Iran. Now his work has won the award from the French magazine 6Mois. 


À partir de l’automne 2022, la jeunesse iranienne s’est emparée de l’espace public pour crier sa révolte, avant que le régime des ayatollahs reprenne la main. Un photographe de Tabriz se penche depuis dix ans sur le mal-être qui frappe ses concitoyens.

Photos by:

Sima choubdarzadeh