Decades after the Iranian revolution we have become lost in a labyrinth of ideologies. Our identity sways haphazardly between entangled histories and the modernity. Any demand for social justice and identity is suppressed by the system. Growth narrows, and hope fades. “Labyrinth” explored the socio-psychological experiences of Iran’s post-revolutionary generations, sharing a window in the experience of a repressed youth, unemployment and anxiety for the future.
The environment of love
The Environment of Love is a long-term personal project that I began in 2011 at the beach of Caspian Sea. As the lived experience of love expanded, so did this project. In recent decades, due to climate change and the mismanagement of Iran’s water supplies, Northern Iran is facing increasingly frequent drought and changing weather patterns. This project is a conversation between myself and my environment that asks: How could two distinct perspectives merge, and what new world would come of that?
Three years of anxiety
The matter of the pandemic dramatically changed our lives worldwide, contributing to a pervasive sense of uncertainty, loss, and isolation. The traumatic situation of the pandemic threatened our psychological existence directly. Especially in closed and critical societies such as Iran, it affected in a very concerning way. This project covered the anxiety of those three years, delving deeply into aspects of reality that had disappeared from news coverage.