Farshid is a freelance photographer based in Tabriz, Iran. He was born in 22 July 1987.

In 2006 His father died while he was sitting beside of him on the couch. In a moment, his head fell on Farshid’s knees. Time has no meaning that moment but, will became meaningful after that night. He’s father was an amateur photographer and farshid knews from the beginning what was the camera.

From the childhood Farshid loved to be an astronomer who looks the sky from the little hole of a telescope. After he’s father die everyone tells to him; now you are who have responsibility about your family. It was mean he had to find a job and making money But, he took his father’s camera and started do photography. Camera became an instrument of understanding the life for him.

In 2005, he entered the university to studying the physical education but after 3 years he loses his interesting on it and he started studying the psychology. In 2010 because of economic conditions he left the university. After that he does freelance studying on psychology and philosophy.

In 2010 he started professionally work with some news agencies in Iran. He’s works has been published internationally on news agencies such as New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, associated press, Agence France-Press…

In 2012 he started social documentary photography and in somehow he always does kind of autobiographical work. In a certain sense, he looks at the vacuum space of human relationships with man and the world.  

While he started documentary photography he receives many national and international awards, exhibitions, Grants.

These were all that he could do. But there are many things he could not do because he was born in a wrong place and time that is not written here.

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