Anonymous apprehensions


In 2013, upon developing a skill in social documentary photography, I decided to begin a long-term
project to research the social phenomena to have a clear image of my society (Iran). “Anonymous apprehensions” is a
multiplicity project of independent series which also related each other both in the meaning of its
structure and in its confrontation with certain subjects that are still being completed.



One Hundred Years of Solitude


It was after my father’s death, when, I realized the importance of photograph in life, and its perpetuating power in one’s memories. Then I wondered why I had not been more serious in photography. Why did not I have a good photo of my father? These questions and their emptiness will remain unanswered for me, but now, I have realized the importance of taking photographs. Now, I try to capture my personal moments as I treasure them. For the last few years, my family’s photographs have been forming as a project in my mind

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