In 2013, upon developing a skill in social documentary photography, I decided to begin long-term independent series which are also related to each other and are still being completed to have a clearer image of contemporary Iran.    “From Labyrinth” is a collective project both in the meaning of its structure and in its confrontation with the subjects and is about effects of the Islamic revolution in Iran as well as the impact of eight years of war that will be felt for generations to come.

Iran had a huge part of population of new generation in eighties and ninety decades after revolution and war. A generation who don’t has any act on those events but those affect their lives directly. As the regime’s Islamic doctrine sealed off the country from western influence, confronting of traditional world with modern world caused big and deep cracks that in some ways have gone toward a kind of relationships with aversion and the result was a complex mix of contradictions that fuelled the sociopolitical and environmental economic instability. Some of these problems raise every day, because of that it seems Iran is a problematic society that all of these events has domino effect on each other. 

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