My little family experienced two deaths of our family members that caused to change everything. Death of my younger brother, Farid, on 1992 and my father death on 2006, these two events embossed solitude and difficulty of life for us. After my father’s death, it was time for my mom, my 2 sisters and I to understand the feeling of being alone. Loneliness has never been heartwarming. All the simple things in our lives gradually became more difficult and the loneliness grew greater. In 2008 -one year after my father’s death- it was time for the economic sanctions on Iran regarding to the nuclear energy issue. Like all Iranian people, these economic sanctions also affected our small family. With each day passing and with the new sanctions, the economy of our small house was reduced to the lowest. And life became hard due to Iran’s economic inflation. In fact, these strategic and power-seeking games of the statesmen, directly affects the society and the people of a country.  And these people have to pay a serious price for these games.

I noticed to importance of photograph after my father’s death and its power in perpetuating of memories is strange. Why I wasn’t serious in photography that time? Why did not have a good photo from my father? These questions and their emptiness will be unanswered and for me these are the good reasons for taking seriously in photography. Because of that, I try to capture my personal moment. For last few years, my family’s photographs are formed as a project in my mind.

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