My project is about the fears and the effects of the Islamic revolution in Iran as well as the impact of eight years of war that will be felt for generations to come.

I was born on July 21, 1987 in Tabriz, Iran. Being young in Iran means limitation: a limitation felt in politics, art, culture, diversion, economy, education, clothing, speech, behavior, femininity, masculinity, relationships and life. As my friends often say, “We are the generation after revolution and after war.” The impression of these events on our lives and souls will always be visible.

In this personal project, I am searching for evidence of the growing complexity and depression in my generation. This quest first began years ago when, as a result of shattered communications with my surroundings, I started to wonder who I was and then later extended that question to others.

Using photography helped me get close to people and their lives, to achieve a better understanding of those around me. As I discovered, the search for my own identity inevitably involved me with my society; I look for and see myself in other people.

During my quest, I found some resemblances among my peers. And I also found fear—fear of the future, fear of annihilation, fear of sexuality, fear of loneliness and the fear of not being happy. These fears take control of each individual’s life and identity, in ways both unique to every person and universal.

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